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Compass Pointing North

Insight Compass Counseling

When you notice that life feels demanding and overwhelming....

When your relationships have fallen flat....

When handling the stress from work takes more attention than the work itself....

It's time for a new way to navigate life!

Counseling with Shawna Byrd

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I'm Shawna and I help people get back to the lives that they love.


And I love what I do!

For over ten years, I have assisted clients with making their lives fulfilling and whole again.


Some of my clients have been dealing with the pain of relationship conflict, depression, anxiety, work stress or life transitions for years. They feel exhausted and lost. 


Like your fingerprint, your life and experiences are unique. I aim to respect, empathize and hear you throughout our work together.

partner to help you become more aware of patterns of relating to yourself and to other people. Together we will find new ways of handling challenges. 

Ready? Let's do this!!


What I Specialize In

Couples Counseling

   Affair Recovery

    Individual Therapy/

   Childhood Emotional                   Neglect 

Anxiety & Depression

 Work & Career Issues/ 

  Imposter Syndrome/

       Self Esteem


Compass & Map

The journey towards good mental health begins with understanding, support and communication.  Begin your journey today.

"Shawna really understands my Alpha Energy. She is attentive, smart, & intuitive. She listens very well and responds with kindness & wisdom. An outstanding therapist!"


“Shawna has been helping me for the past two months. She has been very professional yet caring, attentive and has managed to help me to remove my fears and limiting beliefs.
I feel transformed, energized and above all I AM HAPPY WITH MYSELF.
Thanks to Shawna, the monsters I had haunting me disappeared and I feel in love with life again.
THANK YOU SHAWNA - you are amazing and I loved every session we had.”


“I've been in counseling for 3 months, but already after the first month I started to feel ease and joy. Shawna provided me with plenty of useful advice and practical tips to try in everyday. She also suggested other resources that might be helpful.
Personally, the main outcome of the therapy is better communication with others, being aware of my personality traits and accepting them, learning to perceive situations differently and changing the way I react to things I cannot control.”

- A.N.


Insight Compass Counseling

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